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Overview of webMethods Broker High Availability Installation
Installing webMethods Broker for high availability requires you to complete the following tasks in the given order:
1. Review this guide. Please read through this guide to gain a better understanding of the installation and configuration process before starting the installation steps.
2. Complete the installation worksheets. This ensures that you have the information necessary to install and configure. See Installation Worksheets to view the installation worksheets.
3. Verify the cluster installation. Make sure that your administrator has properly installed and configured the cluster. See Verify the Cluster for detailed instructions.
4. Install the webMethods Broker software. Install the webMethods Broker software on each node in the cluster. After the software is installed, you must remove the default webMethods Broker configuration. The webMethods Broker service data must be removed from each node's private disk. It will be recreated on the shared disk in a later step.
5. Create the webMethods Broker cluster group. Define all the resources and dependencies required to run webMethods Broker.
6. Create and configure the Broker Server on each node.
7. Finish the webMethods Broker cluster configuration.
8. Verify the cluster configuration. Make sure that the installation and configuration enables the Broker Server to failover correctly from one node to the other.
9. Complete the post-installation tasks listed in Common Post-Installation Tasks.