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Configure the Shared Drive
Before you create the Broker cluster and add the shared drive to the cluster, you must mount the shared drive. One way to mount the shared drive is by using the Microsoft iSCSI Initiator.
*To mount the shared drive using the iSCSI initiator
1. From the Windows Start menu, navigate to Administrative Tools > iSCSI Initiator in the control panel.
2. Click the Discovery tab.
3. In the Target portals panel, click Discover Portal.
4. Type the IP address and port of the shared drive and click OK.
5. Click the Targets tab.
The discovered targets are listed in the Discovered Targets list box with status.
6. If the shared drive is not connected, select the name of the drive and click Connect.
The shared drive, if discovered, is recognized and connected to the machine.
7. Click the Volumes and Devices tab.
The available volumes and devices are displayed in the Volume List list box. If a program or service uses a specific volume or device and it is not included in this list, you need to add it.
8. Click Auto Configure.
This step automatically configures all the listed volumes and devices, and binds them so that, after restarting the system, they are more readily available for use by the program or service.
9. Click OK.
10. Restart the machine.
You are now ready to create and configure the Broker cluster.