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Add the Broker Monitor Service to the Cluster
*To add Broker Monitor service to the cluster
1. In Failover Cluster Manager, right-click the Services and Applications icon and select Configure a service or application.
2. In the Before you Begin page of the High Availability wizard, click Next.
3. In the Select service or application page, select Generic Service and click Next.
4. In the Select Service page, select Software AG Broker Monitor and click Next.
5. In the Client Access Point page, enter the service name and click Next.
6. In the Select Storage page, select the storage option and click Next.
7. In the Replicate Registry Settings page, click Add.
8. In the Registry Key dialog box, enter the path of the registry key. You can get the registry key path using the regedit command. Select the complete path of the Broker Monitor key name as shown:
Do not include HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ when entering the path in the Registry Key dialog box.
9. Click OK in the Registry Key dialog box.
10. Click Next in the wizard.
The Confirmation page displays the Service, Network Name, IP Address, Registry Key, and Parameters details.
11. The Summary page displays a summary of the generic service. View the report or click Finish to complete the exercise.