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Verify the Cluster
Before installing Broker Server, verify that the cluster is properly installed.
A Windows professional will typically perform the cluster installation for you; however, you should verify the following:
*The shared disk can be accessed from both nodes.
*The virtual IP address of the cluster is accessible on the public network.
*Only one Broker Server instance in the cluster can access the shared drive at any given time.
When access occurs on block level, for example when you are using a SAN, only one machine may have access to the shared disk at any given time (also known as exclusive mount), unless the underlying file system is specifically designed to support parallel access. On normal file systems, parallel access via SAN will almost instantly corrupt the file system. This is a general issue and not specific to webMethods Broker. You can prevent parallel access via SAN by configuring the respective LUN in a way that only exclusive mount is possible irrespective how the computers are set up.
If access is on character level, typical for NAS, parallel access to the file system from various clients is usually not a problem. However, even in this case, make sure only one Broker Server instance is configured for those files, and Broker Server must be up and running at any given point of time. Please contact Software AG Global Consulting Services (GCS) to discuss the implementation details.