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Audit Log File Size and Cache Size
The default audit log size is 20 megabytes; however, you can increase the maximum size up to 2 gigabytes. If the maximum size is exceeded, a new audit log is automatically created on the Broker Server. You can increase or decrease the maximum file size by editing the Broker Server configuration file. For instructions, see Editing the Audit Log Parameters in the Broker Server Configuration File.
The auditlog-writeInterval parameter and the auditlog-maxWriteCache parameter control the number of audit records that are cached in memory before they are written to the log file. When either the auditlog-writeInterval parameter or the auditlog-maxWriteCache parameter achieves its assigned value, the audit records will be written to the file.
For example, if auditlog-writeInterval=40 and auditlog-maxWriteCache=200, the audit records will be written to the file when either 200 records are collected in the cache or 40 seconds elapses after the last write (whichever value reaches first). The default value of auditlog-maxWriteCache is 500 and the default value of auditlog-writeInterval is 30 seconds.