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Deleting a Broker
Use the following procedure to delete a Broker from a Broker Server. When you delete a Broker, you immediately disconnect and delete all clients that exist on it. You also permanently delete all of its client groups and document types.
If the Broker that you are deleting is a member of a Broker territory, My webMethods will remove it from the territory before deleting it. However, if at least one other member of the territory is not online when you delete the Broker, the Broker's "Remote Broker objects" will become orphaned. You will need to manually delete these objects when the other Brokers are brought back online. For procedures, see Deleting a Remote Broker Object.
If you delete a Broker has been designated as the "default" Broker, the Broker Server will not automatically designate another Broker to function as a default. If your client applications are written connect to the default Broker (that is, your clients connect to Broker Server without explicitly specifying a Broker), you will need to designate an appropriate Broker to function as a default. For additional information about a default Broker, see Configuring a Default Broker .
*To delete a Broker
1. In My webMethods: Messaging > Broker Server s.
2. In the Broker Server s List, click the Broker Server on which the Broker resides.
3. Click the Broker s tab.
4. Select the check box beside the name of the Broker that you want to delete and click Delete.