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Viewing and Purging Lost Transactions
When a transaction ends heuristically, that is, when either the Broker or an administrator makes the decision to perform a commit or roll back for a transaction, that transaction is written to the Broker's lost transaction log.
On the Broker, a heuristically completed transaction is referred to as a lost transaction. Lost transactions are written to the Broker's lost transaction log, where they remain until they are explicitly purged.
The Broker Server periodically purges old lost transactions. You can configure the age, time when the transaction was heuristically completed, and the time interval between two automatic purge operations using the forget-lost-transaction-timer-interval-seconds and forget-lost-transaction-time-days server configuration parameters. For more information about the configuration parameters, see webMethods Broker Server Configuration Parameters.
Use the following procedure to purge a transaction from the lost transaction log. When you purge a transaction, the Broker releases that transaction's txid and discards all knowledge it had of the transaction.
*To view and purge lost transactions
1. In My webMethods, go to Messaging > Broker Server s > Broker s.
2. In the Broker s List, click the Broker on which the transactions you want to view or purge are running. If the Broker does not appear in the list, use the Search tab to locate it.
3. On the Broker Details page, click the Transactions tab.
4. Click the Lost Transaction link to display the lost transaction log.
5. Select the check box beside the transactions that you want to purge and click Delete.