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Manually Performing a Commit or Roll Back
You can force a transaction to terminate using the Commit Transactions and Roll Back buttons on the Transactions tab (these commands will not appear on the Transaction tab unless transactions are running).
You might force a commit or roll back to terminate a transaction instead of waiting for it to expire. If you have configured the Broker to execute transactions without an imposed time limit, you will need to use the commit and roll back commands to terminate hung transactions.
A transaction that you manually commit or roll back is considered a heuristically completed transaction (because the decision to commit or roll back was not made by the client) and is recorded in the lost transaction log.
*To manually commit or roll back a transaction
1. In My webMethods, go to Messaging > Broker Server s > Broker s.
2. In the Broker s List, click the Broker on which the transaction is running. If the Broker does not appear in the list, use the Search tab to locate it.
3. On the Broker Details page, click the Transactions tab.
4. Select the check box beside the transaction that you want to rollback or commit.
5. Click Roll Back or Commit.