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Managing Transactions
Viewing Running Transactions
About Configuring the Transaction Timeout Options
Configuring the Transaction Timeout Options
Setting the Recover Mode for XA Transactions
Manually Performing a Commit or Roll Back
Viewing and Purging Lost Transactions
Transaction processing allows a Broker client to group the events it publishes as a single unit of work called a transaction. A transaction either completes successfully, is rolled back to some known earlier state, or it fails. Once all of the documents that make up a transaction have been published, delivered, or received, the Broker client ends the transaction. A transaction can be ended by committing the transaction or aborting the transaction.
The Broker's transaction manager coordinates and controls the transactions that are initiated by Broker clients. Transactions that run under the Broker transaction manager include transactions initiated by regular Broker transactional clients, as well as regular (local) and XA transactions that are initiated by the webMethods Broker Client API for JMS.
You use the transaction controls in My webMethods to monitor and manage transactions that are running under the transaction manager on the Broker. These controls allow you to monitor the activity of transactions as they execute and take action against transactions that do not appear to be running correctly.