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Viewing Status Information for a Broker
Use the following procedure to display basic status information for a Broker.
You can also use the Topology and Trace tabs to display a graphic representation of Broker activity. For more information about these tab, see Topology View of Brokers.
*To view status information
1. In My webMethods: Messaging > Broker Server s > Broker s.
2. The Broker s List displays the following status information about a Broker. If the Broker you want to examine does not appear in the list, use the Search tab to locate it.
Server Name
The Broker Server that hosts the Broker.
Yes. My webMethods has successfully connected to the Broker.
No. My webMethods could not establish a connection with the Broker. This might occur because your connection to this Broker has been closed or because Broker Server is not functioning normally.
In Progress. My webMethods is in the process of establishing a connection with this Broker.
Unknown. My webMethods experienced an unrecognized error when trying to establish a connection with this Broker.
The number of clients associated with this Broker. This number represents the total count of client state objects that are currently defined on the Broker.
*This number includes explicit-destroy clients that are in the disconnected state as well as clients that are physically connected to Broker.
*A shared-state client counts as one connection regardless of how many clients are physically connected to it.
The name of the territory, if any, to which the Broker belongs.
Recent Deliveries or Total Deliveries
*Recent Deliveries displays the number of documents that clients have published or delivered to this Broker during the last statistics collection interval. By default, the statistics collection interval represents one minute, however, you can configure this interval in My webMethods. For procedures, see the Time interval between statistical refresh parameter in Configuring the Connection Parameters.
Note:Recent Deliveries data is available only if you have selected Enable Statistical Polling.
*Total Deliveries displays the total number of documents that clients have published or delivered to this Broker.
Note:Total Deliveries data is available only if you do not select Enable Statistical Polling.
Indicates whether the Broker functions as the default Broker for the Broker Server. A Broker Server can have zero or one default Brokers. For more information about default Brokers, see Configuring a Default Broker .
3. To display additional details about the Broker, click the name of the Broker.