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Activating the Dead Letter Queue
Use the following procedure to activate the dead letter queue on the Broker.
Once you configure the client ID and application ID parameters for the dead letter queue, they cannot be changed. If you need to modify these parameters, you must delete the existing dead letter client and configure a new one.
*To activate the dead letter queue
1. In My webMethods: Messaging > Broker Server s > Broker s.
2. In the Broker s List, click the Broker whose dead letter queue you want to activate. If the Broker does not appear in the list, use the Search tab to locate it.
3. On the Broker Details page, click the Dead Letter Queue tab and (optionally) complete the following fields. If these fields are non-editable, it indicates that the dead letter client has already been configured.
In this field...
Client ID
Optional. A suffix of one or more characters that, when appended to the "DefaultDLQ_" prefix, forms a client ID that is unique within the Broker.
*The ID cannot contain the following characters:
@ / :
*The entire ID cannot exceed 255 characters.
Application Name
Optional. An application name to associate with this client ID. The application name appears when you display the list of clients in My webMethods. You can use this field to label the client in a way that distinguishes it from regular clients and makes it easy to locate in the client list.
Dead letter queue for BrokerE01
ADMIN-Dead letters
4. Click Apply to generate the dead letter client.