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Configuring Streaming in Broker Servers
Streaming is configured globally for a Broker Server. That is, when you enable streaming in a Broker Server, the streaming configuration is applied to all the Broker connections (including the connections within a territory, a cluster, and across a gateway) that are connected to another streaming enabled Broker Server.
Streaming is supported only for Broker Server versions 8.2 and above. The streaming functionality is not backward compatible with Broker versions 8.0 or earlier.
*To enable streaming in a Broker Server
1. Stop the Broker Server.
2. On the machine where Broker Server is installed, locate the Broker Server's configuration file (awbroker.cfg).
3. Open the configuration file with a text editor, and set the rbroker-streaming-enabled configuration parameter as: rbroker-streaming-enabled=1
4. To specify the batch size of acknowledgements, set the value of the rbroker-streaming-window-size configuration parameter.
5. Set the connection-sndbuf-size and the connection-rcvbuf-size configuration parameters for optimizing the TCP/IP connection buffering.
To enable large buffer size in Broker, ensure that your operating system also supports large TCP/IP buffer size.
For more information on configuring high TCP/IP buffer support on your host machine where Broker is installed, see RFC 1323 and your operating system guide.
6. Save the configuration file.
7. Restart the Broker Server.
For more information about the configuration parameters such as rbroker-streaming-ack-timeout, rbroker-streaming-enabled, rbroker-streaming-window-size, connection-sndbuf-size, and connection-rcvbuf-size used for streaming, see webMethods Broker Server Configuration Parameters.