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Pausing Document Publishing on the Broker Server
You can temporarily halt the publishing of documents on the Broker Server. Use the Pause Publishing feature when it is necessary to clear the client document queues on the Broker Server. The document queues should be cleared before performing certain Broker Server maintenance tasks such as increasing queue storage, performing a backup, or upgrading the Broker Server.
When document publishing is paused on a Broker Server, the Broker Server refuses all incoming documents. The documents that exist in the publishing client queues continue to be consumed by the subscribing clients until the queues are emptied.
*To clear all client queues on the Broker Server
1. In My webMethods: Messaging > Broker Server s > Servers.
2. Click the name of the server in the Broker Server List.
3. Click the Pause Publishing button.
The publishing clients refuse incoming documents until publishing is explicitly resumed.
4. To restart publishing to the client queues, click Resume Publishing.