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Restoring a Combined Storage Configuration
Use the following procedure to restore the queue storage files for a combined session from a backup that you made using the file system's copy command.
*To restore Broker Server metadata using the file system copy command
1. Stop the Broker Server.
2. Perform the following steps to locate all of the queue storage files associated with the Broker Server's queue storage system.
a. Navigate to the following directory:
Software AG_directory /Broker/bin
b. Run the following command to display details about the existing queue storage system:
server_config storage dataDir -list
where dataDir is the path to the Broker Server's data directory. Enclose the entire directory name in quotes if any portion of the name contains a space.
3. Locate and delete all of the queue storage files for this Broker Server as identified in the output from step 2b. If your Broker Server uses the default names for queue storage files, you would delete the following files:
4. Copy the queue storage files from the backup files to their original locations.
5. In a UNIX environment, change the permissions of the restored files:
a. Change the ownership of all files ending with ".qs", ".qs.stor", and ".qs.log" to bin (if Broker Server was installed by the root) or to the user ID that was used to install Broker Server.
For example: chown bin *.qs*
b. Change the group ownership for all files ending with ".qs", ".qs.stor", and ".qs.log" to allow bin access (if Broker Server was installed by root) or to a group in which the user that installed Broker Server is a member.
Example: chgrp bin *.qs*
6. Restart the Broker Server.
7. If this Broker Server hosts a Broker that is part of a territory, review the information in Resynchronizing a Restored Broker with its Territory to determine whether you need to perform additional steps to synchronize the restored Broker with the rest of the territory.