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Stopping Broker Server
Stopping Broker Server from My webMethods
Stopping Broker Server Using the broker_stop Command
Stopping Broker Server from Windows Control Panel
If you want to shut down all Broker Servers that are running in a webMethods Broker environment, shut down Broker Monitor as described in, Stopping Broker Monitor .
If you want to stop an individual Broker Server, without stopping Broker Monitor, use the procedures in this section.
When you stop a Broker Server, it immediately disconnects all clients and shuts down. Broker Server does not wait for in-process transmissions to complete before shutting down. Volatile documents that Broker Server has in memory are lost. Destroy-on-disconnect clients are also discarded and are not restored when the Broker Server is restarted.
Explicit-destroy clients and their state (e.g., queues, subscriptions) are preserved and will be restored when you restart the Broker Server. Guaranteed documents that have been successfully persisted to the Queue Storage log file are preserved and will be placed in the appropriate client queues when the Broker Server restarts.
You can stop a Broker Server in the following ways:
*Using My webMethods
*Using the broker_stop utility
*Using the Windows Control Panel