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Precautions and Alternatives
Because of the potential for inadvertently including run-time data in the backup, backing up queue storage using the file system's copy command is strongly discouraged. Alternatively, consider migrating the Broker Server to a new Broker Server that uses separate storage sessions. Such a configuration allows you to use the server_conf_backup utility, which backs up just the Broker Server's metadata. This utility also enables you to perform the backup while the Broker Server is running.
*To back up Broker Server metadata using the file system copy command
1. Disconnect clients and drain the queues of guaranteed documents.
2. Stop the Broker Server.
3. Perform the following steps to locate all of the queue storage files associated with the Broker Server's queue storage system.
a. Navigate to the following directory:
webMethods Broker_directory /bin
b. Run the following command to display details about the existing queue storage system:
server_config storage dataDir -list
where dataDir is the path to the Broker Server's data directory. Enclose the entire directory name in quotes if any portion of the name contains a space.
4. Locate and copy all of the queue storage files identified in the output from step 3b. If your Broker Server uses the default set of storage files, you would locate and copy the following files:
If the Broker Server has multiple storage files, be certain that you copy them all.
5. Restart the Broker Server.