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Backing Up and Restoring a Broker Server
Metadata that Is Backed Up
When to Perform a Backup
Other Files That You Should Backup
Backing Up Territories and Gateways
Choosing the Correct Backup Procedure
Backing Up a Separate Storage Configuration
Files that Are Backed Up
Restoring a Separate Storage Configuration
Backing Up a Combined Storage Configuration
Restoring a Combined Storage Configuration
As with all critical data resources, the potential exists for a physical failure to leave Broker Server storage files in an inconsistent or non-readable state. In these situations, the method of recovery is to first attempt to correct the existing files using the Broker Storage Utility as described in webMethods Broker Storage Utility. If this approach fails, the next step is to replace the existing storage files with the most current backup.
This section describes how to backup the metadata associated with your Broker Server. The backup procedures in this section produce a snapshot of the storage files that you can use to restore a queue storage system that has been irreparably damaged.
There are other reasons that you might want to create a copy of the Broker Server's metadata. For example, you might want to replicate some or all of the server's metadata on another machine. Or, if you are updating a set of client groups or document types, you might want to copy the objects beforehand in case you need to "back out" the changes at a later time. The backup and restore procedures in this section are not suitable for these purposes. To copy metadata for these purposes, use the procedures described in Managing Client Groups.