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Purging the Messaging Log that Uses Continuous Files
If you use continuous files (that is, a single pair of activity and error files), you must stop My webMethods Server to purge the log.
*To purge a Message Management log that uses continuous log files
1. Stop the My webMethods Server.
2. On the machine where My webMethods Server is installed, navigate to the directory:
My webMethods Server_directory /Broker/logs
3. Locate and delete the activity and error log files for the user whose log you want to purge. Be aware that this step deletes the entire log, including the most recent entries. With continuous log files, there is no way to purge messages for a specified time period. The following shows what the names of the log files look like.

A new, empty pair of log files will be created the next time the user accesses the Broker user interface.