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Purging the Messaging Log that Uses Daily Files
To purge the Messaging log, you must delete the associated log files from the file system. If you keep daily log files, you can simply delete the log files from previous days.
*To purge a Message log that uses daily log files
1. On the machine where My webMethods Server is installed, navigate to the directory:
My webMethods Server_directory /Broker/logs
2. Locate and delete the log files for the user and time period that you want to purge. As shown below, the name of the log file will indicate the user to which the log belongs and the date on which it was created.
For example:
*Be sure to delete the activity file and the corresponding error file for each daily log that your purge.
*Be sure to locate and delete all of the log files for the time period that you are purging. For example, if you want to purge your log of all messages issued before July 1, 2010, be sure to delete all the log files (for your account) whose names are marked 20060631 or earlier.