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Configuring the Messaging Log
Use the following procedure to specify the types of messages that you want to include in your Messaging log and to specify whether you want to use continuous or daily log files. For more information about continuous and daily logging, see Continuous versus Daily Log Files.
Your configuration changes affect the Messaging log for your user account. If there are other administrators that use My webMethods to manage Broker Servers, they must configure the log for their accounts.
*To configure the Messaging log
1. In My webMethods: Messaging > Settings.
2. Select the Tool Log tab.
3. In Log Level, set the level at which you want messages logged. The Broker user interface logs all messages that are of the selected level or higher.
4. Enable the Log to Single File option if you want to maintain continuous (that is, not daily) log files.
5. Click Apply to save your changes.