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Viewing the Messaging Log
Use the following procedure to view the contents of your Messaging log.
*To view the Messaging log
1. In My webMethods: Messaging > Log.
The Messaging Log tab displays entries that were generated in your Messaging log during the last day.
2. Use the following fields to specify which portion of the log you want to view and click Refresh to update the display.
Use this field...
To specify...
Display Log Entries within
The time period that you want to view.
Log Level
The types of messages that you want to view. You can specify either Error or Verbose. When you select a log level, the tab displays messages of the selected level and higher. For example, if you select Verbose, the tab will show messages of all types.
*When you view the Log page, My webMethods displays the log's current contents. The display is not updated unless you click Refresh to update the page.
*For more information about a particular message, see the webMethods Error Message Reference on the Empower Product Support Web site. You can look up a message by its ID number.