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Configuring the Logging Behavior of Broker Server
By default, Broker Server records all three message types to the Broker Server log and to the host machine's native logging facility. To modify this behavior, or to enable SNMP traps, you can use the following procedure.
The following procedure configures the logging behavior of the Broker Server. Broker Monitor also generates entries in the Broker Server log. To configure Broker Monitor's logging behavior, see Configuring the Logging Behavior of Broker Monitor .
*To configure Broker Server logging behavior
1. In My webMethods: Messaging > Broker Server s > Servers.
2. In the Broker Server List, click the server whose log you want to configure.
3. Click the Server Log tab and then click Broker Server Log Setting.
4. Under What to Log, select the types of messages that you want Broker Server to include in the log. For a description of message types, see Audit Log Categories.
5. Under How to Log, specify whether you want Broker Server to log entries to the host system's native logging system and/or an SNMP management system.
Note:Broker Server always logs messages to the Broker Server log. When you enable systems under How to Log, Broker Server will send log messages to the selected systems in addition to its own Broker Server log.
6. Click OK.