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Viewing and Changing the License Using server_config
If Broker Server cannot be started due to a missing or invalid license, you must use the server_config utility to change the license.
*To change the license from the command line (using server_config)
1. Stop Broker Server.
2. On the machine where Broker Server is installed, navigate to the following directory:
webMethods Broker_directory /bin
3. Run the following command:
server_config update dataDir -k license-file-path
The fully-qualified location of the Broker Server's data directory. Enclose the entire directory name in quotes if any portion of the name contains a space.
The absolute path to the license file for the Broker Server. The location must have the valid license file in XML format as provided by Software AG.
For example:
server_config update
"c:\webMethods Broker_directory\Broker\data\awbrokersversion\My Broker"
-k c:\license_file_directory\new_license.xml
server_config update /var/opt/webmethods/awbrokersversion/myBroker
-k /tmp/licenses/new_license.xml
4. Start Broker Server.