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Transaction-based Pricing through License
The Broker Server contains a metering feature that can be used to collect and report your usage of webMethods Broker when you use a Broker transaction-enabled license. This allows transaction-based pricing to be applied on webMethods Broker based on the usage reported.
The Broker transaction-enabled license is validated by the 'Price Unit' attribute as a 'TXN' flag parameter.
You can control the duration of reporting the metrics through the metering-reporting-interval-sec parameter in the Broker configuration file (awbroker.cfg). For more information about this configuration parameter, see Broker Server Configuration Parameters.
In case of errors during the initialization of the metering module, the Broker Server keeps running until it reaches the maximum value of the parameter metering-reporting-interval-sec in awbroker.cfg before it shuts down. These errors are logged to the Broker Server's error log.
The following metrics are reported by the Broker Server during the metering period:
*BytesIn - the total number of bytes in all published events
*BytesOut - the total number of bytes in all consumed events
*MessagesIn - the total number of messages published
*MessagesOut - the total number of messages consumed
*ConnectionCount - the total number of connections established
*TransactionCount - the total number of transactions initiated
BytesIn and BytesOut will include the message header whose size is a few hundred bytes (B).
Broker does not collect the metrics for connections established by Integration Server as a client, since these are metered at Integration Server as a part of the high-level transaction.