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Broker Server License
Transaction-based Pricing through License
Contents of License File
Viewing and Changing the License Using My webMethods
Viewing and Changing the License Using server_config
You require a license file to install Broker Server. During installation of Broker Server, you are prompted to specify the location of the license file. Therefore, please ensure that the license file is in a location that will be accessible during the installation, such as on the local file system.
Broker Server version 8.0 and later installations check for license information in a license file, while installations of earlier Broker Server versions use a license key. You use My webMethods to update the license file (for Broker Server version 8.0 and later) as well as the license key (for earlier versions of Broker Server).
The license key is a parameter in the awbroker.cfg file that enables Broker Server to operate in full capacity until a specified date and time. You receive the server's license-key in the form of an XML file (for example, licensePIF80.xml) from Software AG, when you obtain your license. The license key is one of the parameters that you use to configure a Broker Server at the time of installation.
When you start Broker Server, it checks for the presence of a license file at the location that the awbroker.cfg variable "license-key" points to.
*If the license-key file is missing or if it is invalid, Broker Server writes an error to the journal log and exits. You cannot start Broker Server if the license-key file is missing or invalid.
*If the license has expired, Broker Server will start, but it will not accept any documents that clients publish (clients can continue to retrieve documents that have already been published). Broker Server writes a message to the system log to indicate that it is running under an expired license. When Broker Server is operating with an expired license, the icon appears in the Broker Server list to indicate that Broker Server is not fully operational.
If the license expires while the Broker Server is running, the same sequence of steps occurs. That is, the Broker Server writes a message to the system log and begins rejecting all publish requests.