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Deleting a Broker Server
You use the server_config utility to delete a Broker Server. When you delete a Broker Server, the server_config utility does the following:
*It deletes the Broker Server configuration file, queue storage files, and message log files.
*It removes the Broker Server from the Broker Monitor's configuration file.
*It removes the Broker Server from the Windows Service List (Windows only).
*To delete a Broker Server
1. Stop the Broker Server.
2. On the machine where Broker Server is installed, navigate to the following directory:
webMethods Broker_directory /bin
3. Run the following command.
server_config delete dataDir [-f] [-S]
Where dataDir specifies the Broker Server's data directory. Enclose dataDir in quotes if any part of the directory path includes a space character.
*Include the -f parameter to suppress the confirmation message that the utility ordinarily issues before it deletes the Broker Server.
*Include the -S parameter to run the utility in "silent mode." In this mode, the utility suppresses informational messages and writes warnings and error messages to stdout.
See server_config delete for a complete description of the parameters associated with this command.
4. Example:
server_config delete
"c:\webMethods Broker_directory\Broker\data\awbrokersversion\My Broker"