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Starting Broker Server
Starting Broker Server from My webMethods
Starting Broker Server Using the broker_start Command
Starting Broker Server from Windows Control Panel
Broker Servers are usually started by Broker Monitor, which runs when the host machine boots. When Broker Monitor starts, it automatically starts all the Broker Servers that reside in the webMethods Broker environment.
Occasionally, you might want to start an individual Broker Server while Broker Monitor is running. For example, if you manually shut down a single Broker Server to perform a backup or an upgrade operation, you might want to restart that Broker Server without restarting Broker Monitor (which would have the unwanted effect of restarting all of the other Broker Servers in the webMethods Broker environment).
You can restart Broker Server by:
*Using My webMethods
*Using the broker_start utility
*Using the Windows control panel