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Creating a Broker Server with the Default Log and Storage Files
To create a new Broker Server, you use the server_config utility.
You can create a Broker Server that uses separate storage sessions for metadata and run-time data. This is the recommended queue storage configuration. If you want to create a Broker Server that uses a combined storage session, or use the server_config utility to create Broker Servers, see server_config create.
The following procedure creates a Broker Server with the default log file and storage files sizes. If you want to specify the size and location of the log and storage files, see Creating a Broker Server that Specifies Size and Location of Files.
Unlike the installation process, which creates a default Broker, the following procedure does not create any predefined Brokers on the new Broker Server. After the Broker Server is created, you must define one or more Brokers on the Broker Server. For procedures, see Creating a Broker .
*To create a Broker Server with the default log and storage files
1. On the machine where Broker Server is installed, navigate to the following directory:
webMethods Broker_directory /bin
2. Run the following command.
server_config create dataDir -p port -k license-file-path
[-d description ] [-nostart] [-S]
The fully-qualified location of the data directory for the new Broker Server. Enclose the entire directory name in quotes if any portion of the name contains a space.
The path that you specify must already exist although the data directory itself does not. For example, if you specify the data directory, C:\BrokerServers\data\BrokerServerEast01, the underlined portion of this structure must already exist. If the specified data directory exists when you run the server_config utility, be certain it is empty.
The base port for this Broker Server. Be sure that this port and the two ports below it are available for this Broker Server to use.
The absolute path to the license file for the Broker Server. The location must have the valid license file in XML format as provided by Software AG.
An optional description for this Broker Server. This description appears when status information is displayed for the Broker Server and aids in identification of the server.
You do not have to provide a description when you create Broker Server. You can add it later using My webMethods.
*Include the -nostart parameter if you do not want Broker Monitor to automatically start the Broker Server after it is created.
*Include the -s parameter to run the utility in "silent mode." In this mode, the utility suppresses informational messages and writes warnings and error messages to stdout:
Example in Windows:
server_config create
"c:\webMethods Broker_directory\Broker\data\awbrokersversion\My Broker"
-p 6800 -k c:\license_file_directory\new_license.xml -d "East Region Broker"
Example in Unix:
server_config create /var/opt/webmethods/awbrokersversion/myBroker -p 6800
-k /tmp/licenses/new_license.xml -nostart -s