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Viewing the Cache Settings
To determine the size of the cache on a Broker Server, you can examine the session-config and session-data parameters in the Broker Server configuration file (awbroker.cfg) or you can use the following procedure to view the cache settings using My webMethods.
*To view the cache setting
1. In My webMethods: Messaging > Broker Server s > Servers.
2. In the Broker Server List, click the server whose cache setting you want to view.
3. Click the Utilization tab.
4. Click Details for the storage session (that is, Configuration Data, Run-Time Data, or Configuration and Run-time Data) whose cache setting you want to view. (Be sure to click the icon for the top-level storage session, not an individual storage file.)
5. Examine the Session URL value in the Storage Session section of the Server Utilization tab.
The max_cache_size argument in the query string at the end of this URL specifies the maximum amount of memory (in megabytes) that can be used as cache. If the URL does not include the max_cache_size argument, the default cache size is in effect. See Default Cache Settings.