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Combined and Separate Storage Sessions
Broker Server can be configured to use combined or separate storage sessions.
When you use a combined session, Broker Server persists metadata and run-time data to the same set of queue storage files. When you use separate storage sessions, Broker Server persists metadata to one set of files (called the configuration session) and run-time data to another set of files (called the data session).
Metadata includes:
*Client groups
*Explicit-destroy clients
*Access control lists
*Document types
Run-time data includes:
*Guaranteed documents
*Client queues
*Client queue statistics
By default, Broker Server is installed with separate storage sessions. If you use the server_config utility to create a new Broker Server, you can configure the new server to use separate or combined sessions.
The use of separate storage sessions is strongly recommended for production environments. This session type enables you to use the server_conf_backup utility to back up the Broker Server metadata without taking the server offline.
After you install or create a Broker Server, its storage-session type cannot be changed. To switch session types, you must create a Broker Server with the new session type and import the old server's metadata data into the new Broker Server. For information about importing data from one Broker Server into another, see Replicating Broker Metadata.