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The Storage Files
Storage files are used for long-term storage of configuration data and for guaranteed documents that have not yet been retrieved by their subscribers. The Broker Server automatically moves data (in 8 MB chunks) from the log file to a storage file when the log becomes full.
Log data is also moved to long-term storage each time you start the Broker Server. This process, which is often referred to as "playing the log," effectively "empties" the entire log file by moving pending items to a storage file and purging items that are expired or have been acknowledged by all of their subscribers.
When you configure a storage file you specify its reserve size and its maximum size. The reserve size specifies the file's starting size (that is, the amount of space that is immediately allocated to the file). The maximum size specifies the size to which the storage file can grow.
A Broker Server can have multiple storage files. When you install Broker Server using the Software AG Installer, the Installer creates one storage file. You can create additional storage files using the server_config utility after you install Broker Server, however you must stop and restart the server to do this. For procedures, see Adding a Storage File.
After you create a storage file, you can use the server_config utility to increase the file's reserve size or its maximum size. For procedures, see Modifying the Size of a Storage File.
You cannot decrease the reserve or maximum size of a storage file, delete the storage file, or change the file's location after is it created.
When you configure the size and location of a storage file, keep these points in mind:
*The maximum size for a storage file is 32 gigabytes.
*The minimum reserve size is 16 megabytes.
*You can create up to 62 storage files for each session.
*For optimal performance, place storage files on fast devices that are dedicated to the Broker Server and are separate from the log file.
*If you use multiple storage files, give each storage file a unique name, even if you store them in different directories. For example, use:
Do not use the following:
Storage files that have the same name will not cause problems with the operation of queue storage, but they can cause problems if they ever need to be restored using the server_conf_restore utility.