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Selecting the Maximum Memory Size
Although there are no hard and fast rules for setting the memory threshold, you can use the following formula as a guide. This formula will provide an approximate value that you can use as a starting point and refine through testing.
MaxMemorySize = TotalMemory - (OS + OtherSoftware + BrokerProgram + SafetyMargin)
The total amount of physical memory (RAM not virtual memory) on the machine.
The amount of memory consumed by the operating system.
The amount of memory consumed by other software programs that run on the same host machine.
The amount of memory used by the Broker Server program code. 20 MB is a reasonable approximation for this value on a 32-bit processor. 40 MB on a 64-bit processor.
An extra amount that covers memory usage that might not be accounted for in any of the above.
Assuming the following values:
TotalMemory = 2000 MB (2 gigabytes)
OS = 800 MB
OtherSoftware = 100 MB
BrokerProgram = 20 MB
SafetyMargin = 100 MB
MaxMemorySize = 2000 - (800 + 100 + 20 + 100)
MaxMemorySize = 980
This formula is meant to be used as a starting point for testing. The 'best' max-memory-size is specific to the characteristics of a particular environment and workload (for example, document size, mix of guaranteed and volatile documents). You can identify the right size only through experimentation.