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The preallocate-memory Parameter
You can optionally enable the preallocate-memory parameter, which causes Broker Server to allocate the amount of memory specified in max-memory-size when it starts. If Broker Server cannot obtain the specified amount, it will immediately exit.
The preallocate memory feature only works for a Broker Server running on a UNIX host machine. It does not work for Broker Servers running on Windows machines.
Setting the preallocate-memory parameter ensures that Broker Server can actually obtain the amount of memory that is specified by max-memory-size. If other applications besides Broker Server run on the same host machine or multiple instances of webMethods Broker run on the same machine and they use a significant amount of memory, we recommend that you preallocate the memory space to ensure that the memory is actually available to Broker Server. (Setting the preallocate-memory parameter will slow down the startup sequence slightly.)