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Limiting Memory Usage by Broker Server
You can use the max-memory-size parameter (in awbroker.cfg) to prevent Broker Server from receiving more documents than it has the physical memory to store. This parameter specifies an upper memory limit. When this memory limit is reached, the Broker Server stops accepting documents.
When the max-memory-size parameter is set, Broker Server monitors the amount of memory that it is using for document storage. If the size of the incoming document plus the total amount of memory that is already "in use" exceeds the max-memory-size limit, Broker Server rejects the document and returns an "out of memory" error to the client.
If the max-memory-size is not specified (that is, this parameter is omitted from the Broker Server's configuration file), Broker Server does not monitor its memory usage and will accept documents even though there might not be sufficient memory to process them.