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Managing Broker Servers
Starting Broker Server
Stopping Broker Server
Broker Server Communication Ports
Choosing the Storage Solution for Broker Server
Broker Server Memory
Configuring the max-memory-size Parameter
Configuring Queue Storage
Viewing Queue Storage Utilization and Settings
Configuring the Cache Settings
Configuring Broker Server to Use Asynchronous Write Mode
Running Multiple Broker Servers on the Same Host Machine
Creating a Broker Server with the Default Log and Storage Files
Creating a Broker Server that Specifies Size and Location of Files
Deleting a Broker Server
Viewing Status Information for a Broker Server
Broker Server License
Monitoring Resource Utilization
The Broker Server Log
The Messaging Log
Internet Protocol Support
Backing Up and Restoring a Broker Server
Pausing Document Publishing on the Broker Server
Configuring Broker Server for high throughput in high-latency and high-bandwidth networks
Setting the Locale