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Error Handling
The Broker takes action depending on the ALA failure mode:
Failure Mode
Broker Action
ALA is not running (not connected)
Requests for client access labels fail until the ALA is running again.
ALA does not respond
Pending access label lookups fail after waiting 10 seconds for an ALA reply. Clients that already have access labels continue to function.
In the future, the Broker may disconnect the ALA if the ALA does not respond to any requests for one minute. This might help get the ALA restarted.
ALA disconnects
If an ALA disconnects, it will likely not respond within the 10 second time-out and requests to it will be treated as such.
ALA supplies invalid replies
The ALA could reply to a lookup with an unknown DN, or invalid access label (for example, negative label values). Some invalid replies will be ignored, and some will result in the failure of an access label lookup. Regardless, the Broker will log each failure by the ALA.
Multiple ALAs running
The Broker uses the first ALA to connect; it ignores the other ALAs until the first one disconnects.