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BrokerError awTxCanSubscribe(
BrokerTxClient txclient,
char *event_type_name,
BrokerBoolean *can_subscribe);
The Broker client whose ability to subscribe is to be tested.
The event type name to which the Broker client wishes to subscribe.
An indication of whether or not the Broker client is permitted to subscribe to the specified event type. Set to 1 (true) if the Broker client is permitted; otherwise, set to 0 (false). This parameter is used for output.
Determines whether or not the specified txclient can subscribe to the specified event type. Also determines if an event of the specified type can be delivered to the txclient. Upon return, the can_subscribeparameter is set to1 (true) if the Broker client is allowed to subscribe to the event; otherwise can_subscribe is set to 0 (false).
Possible BrokerError major codes
The txclient has been destroyed or disconnected.
The parameter event_type_nameor can_subscribe is NULL.
The event type does not exist on the Broker.
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