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BrokerError awThreadedCallbacks(BrokerBoolean enabled);
If set to 1 (true) , callback functions will be enabled; 0 (false) means callbacks are to be disabled.
Enables or disables the use of callbacks on a system thread. Use this function in a multi-threaded environment to request callbacks on an event's thread instead of the main thread. Enabling threaded callbacks in a multi-threaded environment allows you to replace the use of event loops and blocking operations.
When using awThreadedCallbacks, you cannot invoke any of the following functions:
* awDispatch
* awMainLoop
Possible BrokerError major codes
Another thread has already invoked awDispatch or awMainLoop, or an attempt was made to set the threaded callback state to its current state.
This application was not linked with the multi-threaded version of the Broker library.
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