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BrokerError awSetUCStringSeqFieldAsUTF8(
BrokerEvent event,
char *field_name,
int src_offsetint dest_offset,
int n,
char **utf8_value);
The event whose sequence field is to be set.
Name of the destination event field.
Elements to skip from the beginning of the source elements.
Elements to skip from the beginning of the sequence.
Number of source elements.
The source value array containing a sequence of UTF-8 encoded strings.
Sets the destination sequence field, field_name, contained in event to the sequence of values contained in utf8_value. Each string pointed to by the utf8_value array is assumed to be in Unicode Transform Function 8 (UTF-8) format. UTF-8 format allows 16-bit Unicode characters to be represented as a sequence of up to four 8-bit encoded characters.
This function may overwrite all or part of the destination sequence field. This function may also cause the destination sequence to grow, if a larger number of elements are stored into the sequence. This functions never reduces the number of elements in the destination sequence: You must use awSetSequenceFieldSize function to reduce the size of a sequence.
See Specifying Field Names for complete information on specifying field_name.
Attempting to set an event field with a type that does not match the event's definition will result in an error being returned.
Possible BrokerError major codes
The event is associated with a Broker client and field_name does not exist in the event.
The field's type does not match the type of utf8_value or the field_name incorrectly accesses a type.
The event is invalid.
The field_name is invalid.
The parameter field_name or utf8_value is NULL.
The src_offset is out of range, the dest_offset is less than zero, or n is less than -1.
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