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BrokerError awSetTxClientStateShareLimit(
BrokerTxClient txclient,
int limit);
The Broker client whose share limit is to be set.
The maximum number of clients that may share state with txclient. If set to -1, an unlimited number of clients may share state with txclient.
Sets the maximum number of Broker clients that can share state with txclient. A client's state consists of its event queue and its event subscriptions. If limit is less than the current number of clients sharing the state, all of the Broker clients are allowed to remain connected. However, no new clients will be allowed to share the client state until the number of clients drops below limit.
Possible BrokerError major codes
The txclient has been destroyed or disconnected.
The txclient has an unshared client state.
The parameter limit is zero or less than -1.
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