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BrokerError awSetDescriptorStateShare(
BrokerConnectionDescriptor desc,
BrokerBoolean shared);
The connection descriptor to be set.
Determines whether or not the Broker client associated with this descriptor can share its client state. If set to 0 (false) , the client state may not be shared. Any other non-zero value means the client state may be shared.
Sets the client state sharing attribute for the descriptor desc to the value of shared. A Broker client's state consists of its event queue and its set of event subscriptions. When shared is set to true more than one Broker client can share this state. All Broker clients that share state have the same client ID.
Though events are placed on the event queue in the order that they are published, it is not predictable which of the Broker clients sharing that queue will receive a particular event.
Possible BrokerError major codes
The descriptor desc is not valid.
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