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The awSet<type>Field functions have a general syntax:
BrokerError awSet<type>Field(
BrokerEvent event,
char *field_name,
<Field_Value_Type> value);
The event whose field is to be set.
Name of the destination event field to set.
The source value for the field. The field value is different depending on the function as follows:
*awSetBooleanField has a field value type of BrokerBoolean.
*awSetByteField has a field value type of char.
*awSetCharField has a field value type of char.
*awSetDateField has a field value type of BrokerDate.
*awSetDoubleField has a field value type of double.
*awSetFloatField has a field value type of float.
*awSetIntegerField has a field value type of int.
*awSetLongField has a field value type of BrokerLong.
*awSetLongFieldNative has a field value type of NativeLong. (Available only on platforms which support 64-bit integral representations.)
*awSetShortField has a field value type of short.
*awSetStringField has a field value type of char *.
*awSetUCCharField has a field value type of charUC.
*awSetUCStringField has a field value type of charUC *.
The awSet<type>Field function sets the destination event field field_name to the source value. Event field values may be set in any order. To set an entire sequence field in a single function call, use awSet<type>SeqField.
See Specifying Field Names for complete information on specifying field_name.
The following sample code sets two event fields, one with a float value and the other with a string value:
err = awSetFloatField (event, "xfield", x)
err = awSetStringField (event, "ssfield", "The value")
Attempting to set an event field with a type that does not match the event's definition will result in an error being returned. No error will be returned if awSetStringField is used to set a field whose type is FIELD_TYPE_UNICODE_STRING. In these cases, the ANSI string that is supplied to awSetStringField will automatically be converted to a unicode string.
Possible BrokerError major codes
The event is associated with a Broker client and field_name does not exist in the event.
The field's type does not match the type of value or the field_name incorrectly accesses a type, such as using a subscript on a non-sequence field.
The event is invalid.
The field_name is invalid.
The parameter field_name is NULL.
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