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BrokerError awNewBrokerTxClient(
char broker_host,
char *broker_name,
char *client_id,
char *client_group,
char *app_name,
BrokerConnectionDescriptor desc,
BrokerTxClient txclient);
The name of the host which is running the Broker that the transactional Broker client will use. Specified in the form <broker_host_name>:<port_number>. If you omit the port number, the default port number will be used. For example: MyHost:12000
The name of the Broker to which the transactional Broker client will be connected. If NULL, the default Broker will be used. If specified, the length of this parameter must be 1 to 255 ANSI characters or 1 to 42 Unicode characters.
A string containing a unique identifier for creating or reconnecting the transactional Broker client. See Client Identifiers for more information. The client id can be NULL to request the Broker to create an identifier (usually used with destroy-on-disconnect clients).
The name of the client group for the transactional Broker client. Client groups are discussed in Administering webMethods Broker .
The name of the application that will contain the transactional Broker client.
The connection descriptor to use for the transactional Broker client. If NULL, a default connection will be established for the new client, which may be shared with other Broker clients.
A pointer to the reconnected or newly created transactional Broker client. This parameter is used for output.
Attempts to create a new transactional Broker client with an event queue and zero subscriptions. If a Broker client with the same client_id already exists, this client will be reconnected. After invoking this function, the Broker client may begin processing events.
The client state sharing property of desc will be ignored if the Broker client already exists and is being reconnected
The caller is responsible for calling awDestroyClient on the output value.
Possible BrokerError major codes
The host exists but no Broker is running on that host.
The specified client_id is already in use by another Broker client.
A problem occurred during connection establishment.
The broker_host could not be found.
The client_id contains invalid characters.
The desc parameter is invalid.
The app_name parameter is invalid.
Permission to join the specified client_group was denied.
The broker_host, client_group, app_name, or client parameter is NULL.
A secure connection was attempted, but was rejected by the Broker.
The specified broker_name does not exist. If broker_name is NULL, this indicates that there is no default Broker.
The specified client group does not exist on the Broker.