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BrokerError awNewTxSubscriptionWithId(
BrokerTxClient txclient,
int sub_id,
char *event_type_name,
char *filter);
The Broker client requesting the subscription.
The subscription ID.
The event type name for the subscription.
The event filter string. Set to NULL if event filtering is not desired.
Subscribes the specified txclient to events of the specified event type that match the filter string. If filter is NULL, all events of the given event type are considered to match the subscription. The sub_id will be associated with any event received by client that matches the event_type_name and filter. An asterisk can be added to the end of an event type name as a wildcard if you want to open a subscription for multiple event types.
When using wildcards in the event_type_name, the filter may contain envelope fields but it may not contain any data fields. Wildcards cannot be used with the Broker::Trace or Broker::Activity event types.
If the subscription has already been registered, calling this function will have no effect. A subscription with a sub_id of 1 will not be replaced with a new subscription with a sub_id of 2 that otherwise is identical. Subscription IDs do not uniquely identify a particular subscription, so you can create different subscriptions and specify the same subscription ID. See Uniqueness of Subscriptions for more information on what differentiates one subscription from another.
Possible BrokerError major codes
The txclient has been destroyed or disconnected.
The filter string contains a parse error.
The txclient does not have permission to subscribe to the event type.
The event_type_name is NULL.
The sub_id parameter is less than zero.
The event type does not exist on the Broker.
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