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BrokerError awGetFieldNames(
BrokerEvent event,
char *field_name,
int *n,
char ***field_names);
The event whose field names are to be returned.
The field name of a structure containing other fields. If set to NULL, all of the fields in the event are returned.
Number of names returned in field_names. This parameter is used for output.
The array of field names returned. This parameter is used for output.
Provides field names of data fields of the specified event. If field_name is NULL awGetFieldNames gets the fields of the event itself. Otherwise, field_name should refer to a field in a structure and this function returns all of the field names at that level.
Note that field_name can directly identify any field in the event, no matter how deeply nested the fields may be. See Getting Sequence Field Values and Specifying Field Names for complete information on specifying field_name.
The caller is responsible for calling free on the output value. The strings in field_names share one memory block so multiple calls to free are not necessary.
Possible BrokerError major codes
The event is associated with a Broker client and field_name does not exist in the event.
The field's type does not match the type of value or the field_name incorrectly accesses a type.
The event is invalid.
The field_name is invalid.
The parameter field_name, n, or field_names is NULL.
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