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BrokerError awGetEventFieldType(
BrokerEvent event,
char *field_name,
short *field_type);
The event containing the desired field type.
The name of the field within the event.
The returned field type, such as FIELD_TYPE_BOOLEAN, defined in <awetdef.h>. This parameter is used for output.
Provides the field type for the event field with the specified field_name. The field_name may directly identify any field in an event, no matter how deeply nested.
If you request type information for a sequence field named mySeq, this function will return FIELD_TYPE_SEQUENCE. If you want to obtain the type of the elements contained in mySeq, you can use this method with the field name mySeq[]. See Specifying Field Names for complete information on specifying field_name.
You may obtain field type information about simple sequence fields in events created without a Broker client. However, you cannot obtain field type information on a field contained within sequence field or within a structure field unless the event was created with a Broker client.
Possible BrokerError major codes
The field_name does not exist in the event.
The field_name incorrectly accesses a type, such as using a subscript on a non-sequence field.
The event is invalid.
The field_name is invalid.
The parameter field_name or field_type is NULL.
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