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BrokerError awGetCanSubscribeNames(
BrokerClient client,
int *n,
char ***event_type_names);
The Broker client whose list of event types is to be returned.
The number of event type names returned. This parameter is used for output.
The array of event type names to which this Broker client can subscribe. This parameter is used for output.
Returns the name of every event type known to the Broker to which the client can subscribe. These are also the event types that are permissible to be delivered to the client. The caller is responsible for calling free on event_type_names. All of the strings in event_type_names share one memory block so nested calls o to free are not necessary.
The events to which a client may subscribe is determined by the client group to which the Broker client belongs. For information on client groups, see Administering webMethods Broker .
Possible BrokerError major codes
The client has been destroyed or disconnected.
The parameter n or event_type_names is NULL.
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