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BrokerError awDisconnectClient(
BrokerClient client);
The Broker client to be disconnected.
Closes the connection between the specified client and the Broker and frees any local memory allocated for client. The effect of this function depends on the life cycle of the Broker client, which is defined by the client group to which the Broker client belongs. Client groups are described in Administering webMethods Broker .
*If the Broker client's life cycle is destroy-on-disconnect, the client state associated this Broker client is destroyed when it is disconnected. When the state is destroyed, any queued events and subscriptions are destroyed.
*If the Broker client's life cycle is explicit-destroy, the client's state on the Broker will persist until the Broker client is explicitly destroyed with the awDestroyClient function. In this case, calling awDisconnectClient simply breaks the Broker client's connection to the Broker. After the Broker client is disconnected:
*The associated client state continues to exist.
*The Broker continues to queue messages.
*The Broker client can resume processing events by reconnecting to the Broker.
Use the awReconnectBrokerClient function to reconnect a disconnected Broker client.
Your Broker client will be disconnected, even if an exception is thrown.
Possible BrokerError major codes
The client has been destroyed or disconnected.
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