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BrokerError awDeliverEvent(
BrokerClient client,
char *dest_id,
BrokerEvent event);
The Broker client that is delivering the event.
Identifies the Broker client to which the event is to be delivered.
The event that is to be delivered.
Sends the specified event to the Broker client with the client identifier represented by dest_id. The event is sent to the Broker which, in turn, forwards it to the destination Broker client. The client that is to receive the delivered event is not required to have registered a subscription for the event type, but its client group must allow the Broker client to receive the event type.
A typical use of this function is when your Broker client replies to a request event from another Broker client. In such a case, you can obtain the dest_id by extracting it from the envelope of the request event, as described in Delivering Events.
An error will not be returned if the recipient, represented by dest_id, no longer exists.
Possible BrokerError major codes
The Broker client, represented by the client parameter, has been destroyed or disconnected.
The destination client ID contains illegal characters
The event is not valid.
The client does not have permission to publish the event type.
The parameter dest_id is NULL.
The event type for the event does not exist on the Broker.
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