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BrokerError awDeliverErrorReplyEvent(
BrokerClient client,
BrokerEvent request_event,
BrokerEvent error_event);
The Broker client that is delivering the event.
The original request event. Used to determine the client ID of the sender of the original request.
The error event to be delivered.
Sends a single error event to the Broker to be delivered to the Broker client that published the request_event. This function properly sets the tag, appSeqn, and appLastSeqn envelope fields.
If the trackId envelope field was set on request_event, that value is copied to the error_event event. If the request_event trackId envelope field was not set, the pubId envelope field from the request_event will be used instead.
The error_event will be delivered to the Broker client with the client ID contained in the errorsTo envelope field of request_event, if it was set by the requestor.
An error will not be returned if the recipient, represented by the pubId field in request_event, no longer exists.
Possible BrokerError major codes
The Broker client, represented by the client parameter, has been destroyed or disconnected.
The request_event or error_event is invalid, the request_event was not received from the Broker, or the error_event does not match its type definition.
The client does not have permission to publish the error_event.
The event type for error_event does not exist on the Broker.
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